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jazznotjazz is organizing events, parties & festivals with live music and dj's in Frankfurt / Germany and Saigon (HCMC) / Vietnam. jazznotjazz is associated with the label INFRACom! (Ger) and dOSe (VN). jazznotjazz and was founded in the year 2000 by Jan Hagenkoetter. jazznotjazz is not only a musical style, it is also an attitude of crossing borders musically and geographically, no matter what color or flag. We try to melt musical extremes while at the same time paying tribute and respect to the roots.

jazznotjazz might be jazz but that's not necessary. Brazil, Afro, House, Electronic, Soul & Funk build the musical playground which interests us. Especially if these genres intersect with each other. Artists and sounds beside the mainstream, ideas and visions.

„If anybody wants to keep creating, they have to be about change“ (Miles Davis) – or to say it in the words of George Clinton: „One Nation under a Groove"

Jan Hagenkoetter (INFRACom! /jazznotjazz)


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Jan Hagenkoetter
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Jan Hagenkoetter

Jan Hagenkoetter

21.12.18 Saigon - The Obsevatory
05.12.18 Saigon - The Hive / Grand Opening Party
17.11.18 Ho Tram - Coracle Festival
27.10.18 Saigon - dOSe of community



17.10.12 16:11

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<strong>INFRACom! pres. twenty+ years rooted in jazznotjazz</strong><br /> / <strong>V.A.</strong><br /><br />

INFRACom! pres. twenty+ years rooted in jazznotjazz

With 20+years in jazznotjazz we are celebrating the history of an independent label, big and small artists with national and international success. Twenty+ years ago DJ ́s and music lovers Namé Vaughn und Jan Hagenkötter established INFRACom with the first releases of Shantel and Jan Peter Schwalm. By that time they could not imagine that Shantel would reach worldwide recognition as the „King of Balkan-Pop“ and Jan Peter Schwalm would collaborate with Brian Eno. With Megashira and Phoneheads they devolped the two most successful D&B artists in Germany. Last but not least Jan & Namé impressed with the project [re:jazz], which has been copied multiple times since.

Today, INFRACom! is one of the long lasting independent labels in the electronic and new jazz sector in Germany. Nearly all artists who have released their work on INFRACom! during the last two decades have been asked to record one NEW! title for this anniversary release. Even some re-tired artists like Megashira, Taxi, Phonheads and Dublex Inc. went to the studio only to record one new title especally for this project. So expect a tracklist of finest Jaszz or not Jazz with Beats or without., Soul, Clusbsounds, Freefrom, Bass, Drums, Drum&Bass and more.


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